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በአዲስ አበባ ቦንብ ፈነዳ | የማይካድራ ግድያ | Ethiopia | Addis Ababa | Tigray | May Cadera

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በአዲስ አበባ ቦንብ ፈነዳ | የማይካድራ ግድያ | Ethiopia | Addis Ababa | Tigray | May Cadera

Ethiopia: Addis Abeba Police Commission said one person sustained a light injury after an abandoned grenade exploded on him this morning in AddisAbeba near AdewaBridge. An assistant to a tax cab, the individual stepped on an object he found wrapped in a bag, which then exploded, injuring him. Via Addis Standard

The Tigirian People Liberation Front (TPLF) is continuing committing crimes against humanity in many forms. The military junta applied ethnic cleansing military operations in different parts of Ethiopia.
TPLF trained and assigned assassin groups in Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz and South Nation and Nationalities States’ of Ethiopia and killed many civilians focusing on Amhara. TPLF grew up in butchering its soldiers too in Tigrai and attacked EDF last week. Yesterday also this illegal force slaughtered many Amharas in Maikadra, which was the junta’s stronghold.
TPLF labeled the Amhara ethnic as its enemy and is killing civilians for their being Amhara anywhere else. In its entire regime, TPLF slaughtered many Ethiopians in different parts and Ethiopians overthrew it some years ago. However, the junta designed strategies to regain office and killed more Ethiopians. Former criminals who were the mastermind for torture and ethnic cleansing are also masterminds of the ongoing Amhara slaughtering in its territory.
The junta is losing strong holds in different warfronts and calling for negotiation to mislead the global community. However, the world knew TPLF’s lifelong conspiracies. It is to get time for consolidating the assassin group.
TPLF is a secessionist group who was held power in 1995 lead by blurred political philosophy, said that Revolutionary Democracy and looted Ethiopia for three decades. Ethiopians are demanding the global community to label TPLF as a terrorist group. Via AMMA

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