WASS Digital Mitad

WASS Digital Mitad

የማማዬ ምግብ አሰራር በፅሁፍ ሄሎ ሀበሻ ላይ ታገኛላችሁ https://hellohabesha.com/?page=listthreads&id=2123
ሄሎ ሀበሻ ላይ የፈለጋችሁትንም… AddisDaily – Ethiopian Food Cooking, Ethiopian How to cook, Habesha food and More Ethiopian Videos #Ethiopia #Cooking Ethiopian

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  1. እማየ እናመስግናለን ኑሪልን ከምትለቂያቸው ትምህርቶች ሁሉ ብዙ ትምህርቶች ወስጃለሁ ደሮ መገንጠል አልችልም ነበር ኑሪልን

  2. For my 10 year wedding anniversary my husband is getting me a mitad – something I've wanted for as long as we've been married. Before I decided on which one to buy I came to this channel to see what Adane uses. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm so excited!

  3. Don't buy this product!!! I bought this enjera maker less than a month ago and now it started to smell like a burned plastic. The smell is so strong that it gave me a headache. Even worse, the smell stayed in my apartment for 3 days!!! I called the owner and told him about the situation and he said, and i quote "That's normal, keep using it until it stops working. You just call me back when it stops working." I even told him the smell is unbearable but he didn't really care. This story gets funnier. I took the Enjera maker to the store where I first bought it to get it fixed. And they told me that i have to wait for 2 weeks since they already have 6 Enjera makers they have to fix. And during the 2 times i went there, the owner was no where to be found. Apparently, he only goes there once a week to fix the defective ones. They literally told me that i have to deal with all the issues since they don't offer the money back or replace it with a new one. Kind of ironic for a 1 year warranty and for a product that costs $120. THIS PRODUCT IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM!

  4. መዘርየ በጣም ደስ ትላለሁ እድሜ እና ጤና አላህ ይስጥሁ።
    ግን የባለ ምጣዱን ስልክ ቁጥር place ንገሩን ማዘርዋ

  5. ማማዬ አዲስ ተመልካችሽ ነኝ። የምሰሪውን ምግብ በግምት ከሚሆን መለኪያ ብታበጂለት አስተያየት ነው

  6. እማየ እናመሰግናለን ግን አረፍ ብትሉ ሀሪፍ ነው ወገበወን ያመታል ተገትረው እጂግ እናመሰግናለን ውድድድድድ

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